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New AV at Steele – October 2014 October 21, 2014

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  • Sandra Brown- Mean Streak
  • Chelsa Cain- One Kick
  • Lee Child - PersonalLee Child- Personal
  • Tom Clancy- Support and Defend
  • Paulo Coelho- Adultery
  • Charles Cummings- A Colder War
  • Clive Cussler- The Eye Of Heaven
  • Paul Doiron- The Bone Orchard
  • E.B. Griffin- Top Secret
  • Jan Karon- Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good
  • Faye Kellerman- Murder 101
  • Ian McEwan- The Children Act
  • Debbie Macomber- Love Letters
  • David Mitchell- The Bone Clocks
  • Louise Penny- The Longway Home
  • Anne Perry- Blood On The Water
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips- Heroes Are My Weakness
  • Preston & Child- The Lost Island
  • Danielle Steel- A Perfect Life
  • Chevy Stevens- That Night
  • Randy White- Haunted


  • GodzillaGodzilla (blu-ray & dvd)
  • Rover
  • Baseball’s Greatest Games- NY Yankees Post Season Heroics
  • Like A Country Song
  • The Fault In Our Stars [blu-ray & dvd]
  • Neighbors
  • The Hunted
  • They Came Together
  • Think Like A Man Too
  • Moms’ Night Out
  • Burning Blue
  • Brick Mansions
  • Heavenly Sword
  • Blended
  • Million Dollar Arm
  • Edge Of Tomorrow
  • Chef
  • Kid Cannabis
  • The Fault in Our StarsPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  • Amish Mafia Seasons 1,2
  • Curse of Oak Island Season 1
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary
  • The Dead 2
  • Warrior Princess
  • Jarhead 2
  • Rage
  • WWE Summer Slam 2014
  • The Hornet’s Nest
  • Words and Pictures
  • Bewitched   Season 1
  • The Signal
  • Lucky # Slevin
  • Disaster: 4 Movie Collection
  • Apocalypse: 4 Movie Collection
  • Vampires: 4 Movie Collection
  • Obvious Child
  • Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s ReturnSharknado 2
  • Tale of the Brave – The Movie
  • A Long Way Down
  • Quiet Ones
  • Last Passenger
  • Veep 1st Season
  • Breaking At The Edge
  • The Grand Seduction
  • Arrow 1st Season
  • Sleepy Hollow   1st Season
  • Alpha and Omega 2
  • Sharknado 2


  • Jimi Hendrix- Hear My Train A Comin’
  • Toby Keith- 10
  • The Doors- Live At The Bowl ’68
  • Dave Mathews Band- The Central Park Concert
  • The DoorsRod Stewart- Live At The Royal Albert Hall
  • Supertramp- Live In Paris ’79
  • Bon Jovi- Live At Madison Square Garden
  • Johnny Cash- Best of TV Show 1969-1971
  • Queen- Live At Wembley Stadium
  • Queen- Live At The Bowl
  • Queen- Rock Montreal
  • Queen- Live In Rio
  • Beyonce- Live At Roseland
  • Tom Petty- Runnin’ Down A Dream


  • Now that’s What I Call Classic Rock
  • Kenny Chesney- The Big Revival
  • Jennifer Hudson- Jhud
  • In This Moment The Dream
  • Cheek to CheekTony Bennett & Lady Gaga- Cheek To Cheek
  • Johnny Winter- Step Back
  • Whiskey Myers- Early Morning Shakes
  • Whiskey Myers- Firewater
  • Counting Crows- Somewhere Under Wonderland
  • Pine Leaf Boys- Back Home
  • Pine Leaf Boys- Danser
  • Blake Shelton- Bringing Back The Sunshine
  • Ty Segall- Manipulator
  • Train- Bulletproof Picasso
  • Melissa Etheridge- This is M.E.
  • Tank Stronger
  • Herb Albert- In The Mood
  • Lady Antebellum- 747
  • 747Now That’s What I Call Classic Rock Hits
  • Goin’ South
  • Trigger Hippy- Trigger Hippy
  • WOW Christian Hits 2015
  • Stevie Nicks- 24 Karat Gold
  • Keyshia Cole- Point of No Return
  • Jason Aldean- Old Boots, New Dirt
  • Jimi Hendrix- The Cry of Love
  • In This Moment- Beautiful Tragedy
  • John Mellencamp- Plain Spoken
  • Ryan Adams- Ryan Adams
  • Gladys Knight- Where My Heart Belongs

When Grass Was Green by Sarah Krazinsky October 9, 2014

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When Grass Was GreenThere is a World War I novel that I read several years ago, which has recently come to mind – as 2014 marks the 100th  anniversary of WWI.

The book is When Grass Was Green”, by local author Sarah Krazinsky.  I can still remember staying up until 3 o’clock in the morning, not being able to put this book down.  It is a romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat intertwined, with the coming of age of a young girl, a young town, and a young America.

The Steele Memorial Library owns this and many other books related to WWI so stop by to check one out today.

Sue Schoeffler
CCLD Library Clerk


A variety of new non-fiction at Steele October 3, 2014

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Heads up PsychologyMuch like our non-fiction collection, this month’s “Librarian’s Picks” covers a potpourri of subjects. I hope one of these books catches your interest!

158.1 WEE Heads Up Psychology by Marcus Weeks This book offers an explanation of Psychological theories and how they relate to everyday life. The book is presented in graphic illustrations and diagrams. It should have an appeal to teens and their parents, and anyone who wants to know the basics that the field of Psychology offers.

324.62 TET The Myth of Seneca Falls Memory and the Women’s Suffrage Movement
by Lisa Tetrault. This intriguing book challenges the standard narrative of the history of the Women’s Rights Movement in the United States.

942.055 MOR The Time Traveler’s Guide to Elizabethan England by Ian Mortimer. The author uses diaries, letters and books re-creating a vivid portrait of daily life in Elizabethan England, from the view of both the royals and the peasants.

796.83 GEM Boxing a Concise History of the Sweet Science by Gerald R Gems. This book covers a history of the sport, including social issues and marks historic events of boxing through stories and pictures.

796.83 SMI A History of Women’s Boxing by Malissa Smith. This book traces the history of Women’s boxing from the 1700’s to the 2012 Olympic Games. It highlights the struggles, obstacles and successes of the women involved in this sport.

Connie Ogilvie, Reference Librarian
Chemung County Library District

The Fault in Our Stars – Book vs. Movie October 1, 2014

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The Fault in Our StarsLast July at West Elmira Library our staff member, Ahnece, and two of our patrons, Mary Ann and Claire, wrote a review article about the book The Fault in Our Stars. This summer Ahnece, Mary Ann, and Claire all went to see the popular new movie based on the book they all loved so much. Was the movie as good as the book? Let’s find out…  (warning:  may contain spoilers)

Ahnece- “The vast difference between reading the book and watching the movie was quite enlightening. I have always surmised that movies rarely do justice to a book however, after viewing A Fault in Our Stars, there is no question in my mind that this is true.

My review of reading the book was completely uplifting, positive, and enjoyable. However, when I was at the movie, my heart was wrenched and spent most of my time there in tears. I experienced two entirely different emotions between reading the book and watching the movie. I feel that even a bad rendition of the movie could have still been possible and I now understand why an author can refuse the movie rights to their books.”

Mary Ann- “John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars is a gem which conveys so much sadness yet is never maudlin. Can the movie touch us with the same empathy and sense of futility?

First of all, we must realize what books do well. They probe the inner being of the characters and reveal those qualities of heart and mind that place them in our universe. Movies also do this, but heighten and amplify the author’s setting where the characters play out the drama of their lived. A skillful director can enhance setting with camera angles and use of lighting. Brilliant actors can convey the inner character through expression and gesture. They can capture emotion.

The movie The Fault in Our Stars captures the futility, grace, grandeur and depth of the lives of Hazel and Gus. The director augments their skill with the use of music and electronics, especially their iPhones which allow them to be connected even when they are apart. They also enable them to become acquainted.

Through music we can experience tenderness, guarded optimism, their anticipation and delight about their trip to Amsterdam, the romance and fleeting pleasure of their dinner with Classical violin music. When Hazel struggles to climb the stairs to Anne Frank’s attic, the music and Anne’s voice-over add to our admiration and certain hopelessness. When Gus is dying, music replaces dialogue. Their love is connected- a look transmits all feeling. We know that Peter Van Houten’s book stops mid-sentence with no resolution. Gus’s life ends the same way.

Music helps to convey that “the world is not a wish-making factory” their dreams futile but beautiful.

Claire- Comparing books and movies are like comparing pears and peaches. In my opinion, the book is always better than the movie, however, The Fault in Our Stars came very close. I enjoyed how the movie used much of the same dialogue and wording as the book, especially the popular quotes. “There were several characters and parts that were left out of the film, however, the theme rang true”, said my friend Katie Ronsivalle. My favorite parts of the movie were the Easter eggs hidden throughout. For example, Hazel and Augustus both had “The Hectic Glow” posters in their room, and Requiem for Mayhem could be seen on Hazel’s nightstand. Overall, the movie mimicked the book almost perfectly, but no matter how you look at it, the book was better.

Stop in and let us know what you thought of the movie! Also, check out our new YA book club or ask us what the Adult book club selection is reading this month.

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