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Change November 20, 2012

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Change.  It’s only one word, but what a scary word it can be.  There are many people, like me, that embrace change and look forward to the new things that happen in life, but there are also just as many that avoid it like the plague.  These people are happy with their world staying status quo.  For those of you that are out there in the world, the next few months at the library should leave you quaking in your boots!

There are many changes happening in our library world, not just at Steele, but all the branches.  Things like new meeting rooms, carpeting, offices being built, a new quiet room, shifting of collections, and best of all, new circulation desks.  These changes will hopefully allow us to give better library service to all our patrons, young and old alike, and still serve as the beacon to the community for entertainment, career advice, meeting place for community organizations, and all the other wonderful opportunities we have to offer at CCLD.

We ask you for your patience during this building process, and we promise that when we emerge on the other side of it all, you will like the way the new library looks and feels.  If you are one of the people who are resistant to change, look upon this as coming to a whole new library for the first time, and if you are one of the few like me who look upon change as a good thing, embrace our new look and explore.

Change.  It’s only one word, but what a great word it is!

Glenice Peel, Head of Circulation
Steele Memorial Library

Geography – Or – Where in the World is Malawi? November 13, 2012

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Maps of the WorldSo you haven’t looked at a map of the world since 5th grade, what’s the big deal, right? Well, did you know that generally, Americans of all ages have some of the worst geographical awareness of the world? Perhaps because we are isolated from the numerous regions/countries/hotspots on the planet, and because most of us are not international travelers, geography takes a back seat to our attention.

But how embarrassing when we are in a social situation, and a question comes up about current events, or history, or someone’s recent trip to Israel or Guatemala, and we are stumped by our lack of knowledge! It’s pretty easy to get back in the game, and have at least a general awareness of how the world is laid out.

Families can tack up an inexpensive world map, or pull up a virtual map on the internet, or get a shower curtain with a map of the world on it (my favorite), and pose a challenge to each other to locate a spot. Take turns and see if you can stump each other. Madagascar? Baffin Bay? Reykjavik? The winner gets bragging rights; but really, everybody wins when everyone learns something new.

No family handy to bounce off your geography smarts?  Challenge a buddy to a game. Give each other a name on the map to find, and see how long it takes (cheating is okay; use an atlas or the internet). Before you know it, you will have increased your geographical IQ substantially learned how to use an atlas, or increased your online skills!

I once knew a couple who boasted that they had been to every country on the African continent. That sounds geographically savvy, right? Because someone in the party was geographically savvier, they were asked, “Have you been to Cabinda?” They immediately ran for their Atlas, alarmed they had missed one, and you know what? They had! Geography presents challenges and surprises literally, everywhere!

Challenge yourself to learn more about a geographical region; it helps the world layout make more sense. And, by the way, Malawi is a tiny country on the southeast part of the African continent.

Caroline Poppendeck, Librarian
Head of Youth Services
Steele Memorial Library

Looking for a Job? We have resources that can help! November 5, 2012

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The Job-Hunter's Survival GuideWith the layoffs at Sikorsky and the Elmira City School District, the Chemung County Library District wants our residents to be aware that we have public computers available where they may search for a job (try – twintiershelpwanted.com) or write a resume (the software program Word has resume templates).  We also have newspapers with job ads from local and major cities around the country on the first floor of Steele and books on job search strategies, resume writing, cover letters, career options, interviewing techniques, and how to start a small business. We also have civil service job announcements in a notebook on the second floor, civil service test books, test databases, and free computer classes.

Some specific resume books for teachers are 101 Grade A Resumes for Teachers by Rebecca Anthony and Expert Resumes for Teachers & Educators by Wendy Enelow.  Sikorsky employees might like the books:  Make Job Loss Work for You by Richard S. Deems or Job Hunter’s Survival Guide by Richard Bolles, the author of the classic job hunter’s guide What Color is Your Parachute.  Both books by Bolles are also available from the library in eBook format.

If you would like information or help finding or using any of our materials, just stop at the Steele reference desk on the second floor and speak to a reference librarian, who is there to assist you.

Phyllis Rogan, Reference Librarian
Steele Memorial Library

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