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Dealing With What Life Throws At Us May 1, 2012

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Beginner's GoodbyeMy reading has been pretty eclectic this month. Anne Tyler put out a new book called The Beginner’s Goodbye and I grabbed it up as soon as it came in, as she is my very favorite fiction author. It was wonderful. She only puts out a book every few years and it shows: thoughtful, memorable, beautiful writing.

I had been meaning to read Roger Rosenblatt’s memoir, Making Toast for some time and finally got around to it (and was very glad I did). It is another thoughtful, well written book; a nonfiction this time – call number 306.8745 R813. You might remember him from Jim Lehrer’s PBS NewsHour show.

Because a newly published volume of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s came out this month, I reread her Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead and it still retained my interest in her very well known story, so I bought her latest posthumously published book for the library –
Against wind and tide : letters and journals, 1947-1986.

Now that I look at those choices, I have to admit they aren’t so eclectic after all; they are all about dealing with what life throws at us.

That’s all for this month but don’t forget to stop by the Steele Memorial Library’s gardening books display on the second floor or peruse the Dewey number 635 (gardening section) in new books on the first floor, or the regular shelves on the second floor. I think we have everything about gardening covered. Landscaping is in the 712 section which has always seemed odd to me as they are often about the same subject.

Phyllis Rogan, Reference Librarian
Steele Memorial Library



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