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New Green Roof Pictures June 27, 2011

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A cropped version of image published in the Elmira Star Gazette June 27, 2011The Elmira Star Gazette has posted new photos of the Steele Memorial Library’s green roof. There are some interesting pictures of the different types of  plant material currently growing on the roof. See: http://tinyurl.com/sg-greenroof.

Summer Reading Club Event – Faustwork Mask Theater June 20, 2011

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Faustwork Mask Theater presents The Mask MessengerFaustwork Mask Theater - The Mask Messenger

Monday, June 27 – 2:00pm @ West Elmira Library

Wednesday, June 29 – 6:30pm @ Teal Park (hosted by the Horseheads Free Library)

Thursday, June 30 – 6:30pm @ Steele Memorial Library

The Mask Messenger is a series of vignettes ranging from comic to bizarre to poignant. Body language, psychological insight, and humor are the driving forces that captivate audiences ranging in size from 200 to 1200. The show, available in solo or duo performance variations, illuminates and expands the concept of the mask, exploring its relationship to human psychology, business, fashion, art, dance, and theatre.

The set consists of an impressive collection of masks, created by Mr. Faust and the company, exhibited center stage. After a brief and informative mock-lecture about the myriad uses of masks in cultures throughout the world, the performers begin to demonstrate the power of transformation by removing the masks from the wall, and assuming the emotional state expressed in each face. A variety of characters spring to life, including some who speak dialogue, wearing Commedia Dell’Arte style half-masks. Full masks are worn on top or back of the head, creating distortions that baffle the eye and tickle the funny bone.

The success of The Mask Messenger/s is due to the fact that it offers not only comic exuberance, but also new insights into the artistic, cultural, and historical aspects of the mask. The show has been performed over 2000 times at festivals, corporate events, universities, and in theatres throughout the United States and the world.

(reproduced, with permission, from http://www.faustwork.com)

West Elmira – Check Your E-Mail & Check Out This Book! June 14, 2011

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West Elmira LibraryWest Elmira Library has been successfully set up to email notices.   We now send notification of patron holds to their email.  Also, we are sending courtesy notices to notify a patron that they have something coming due in three days.  Don’t forget to check your email!

How often are we looking for a meaningful way to explain death to our young children?

I believe I have found a wonderful resource:

Water Bugs and Dragonflies:  Explaining Death to Young Children   by Doris Stickney

Water Bugs and DragonfliesThe author has adapted a fable about a water bug that changes into a dragonfly.  The full color edition features delightful illustrations by artist Robyn Henderson Nordstrom of Cleveland, Ohio.

It begins with a colony of water bugs.  Every once in a while one seems to lose interest and clings to a pond lily, gradually moving out of sight and is seen no more.  Her friends wait, but she never returns.

The group would say “That’s funny!  Wasn’t she happy here?  Where do you suppose she went?”   No one had the answer.

The leader in the colony suggests that the next one who climbs up the lily stalk must promise to come back and tell everyone where he/she went and why.   Everyone agrees.

The group leader then finds himself climbing up the lily stalk – and his body changes; he loves his new form for he is now able to fly, and yet still be close to his friends, for he is right above them! However, he finds he is unable to keep the promise of coming back.  His new form will not allow him to go underwater. He knows now that his friends will have to see for themselves what happens, and he will greet them at that time – and he flies away, filled with lightness and happiness!

This book is a beautiful gift for those experiencing loss.

Rose Woodard & Pamela Lee
West Elmira Library

National Rose Month June 2, 2011

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Roses For DummiesWe got a call from the Southern Tier Rose Society last month to let us know that June has been named National Rose Month to recognize American grown roses, our national floral emblem. The International Cut Flower Growers tell us that roses are grown in all fifty states. I told the society member that I would put up a display on the second floor of books we have on growing roses but doubted we’d have enough of just rose books and would have to supplement it with other gardening books. To my suprise, when I started to look in our catalog, I found many, many books specifically  on growing roses; everything from Roses for Dummies to the Beautiful Roses Made EasyAmerican Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses. We also have Roses by Peter Coats which is a book of illustrations of roses in the botany section; Rose Sampler Supreme by Rosemary Makhan which is a quilting book of rose patterns, and Pruning Basics by David Squire which includes how to prune roses.

I’m not a gardener but Jackson and Perkins’ Beautiful Roses Made Easy: Mid Atlantic and New England Edition might make me try my hand at it.

Phyllis Rogan, Reference Librarian
Steele Memorial Library

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